What is Issue Force-Directed Graph (FDG)?
FDG helps organisations with data driven graph.

Force layout graph with curved path. Useful to show connections between issues. The ability to visualize the relationship between issues, the weightage of the relationship and the flow often brings out the untold insights into limelight, which are otherwise not very evident.


The Issue Force-Directed Graph comes with all of these great features:

Fast Create a Force-Directed Graph
Color Change
Circle Size Change
Circle Caption Change 
Link Width Change
Link Caption Change

General functionality

After installing Issue Force-Directed Graph, the fast create New Graph page will be enhanced by an additional webpanel at the top menu. Since the APP will call REST API when it creates a graph, you must login system first.

You can input issue key in the blank column and click Search button to get all related issues. Additionally, you can easily know the number of issues and links from the left top legend. The key information about each issue(node) displays on the right side.

When you click link legend, you can find the color, width and caption options. You can easily change color and width of links as you want.

When you click issue(node) legend, you can find the color, size and caption options. You can easily change color, size and caption of nodes as you want.


Issue Force-Directed Graph is currently available in following languages:

  • english